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The cannabis industry has many applications in which fine mesh screening can increase the quality of the cannabis product and the efficiency of the production process. We’ve worked with many customers with differing goals for their wet sifting, dry sifting, or sizing applications. During this time, we’ve found that many potential solutions automate cannabis sifting and optimize the production process.

Let’s delve into a few common applications and how our equipment is used in the cannabis industry

Dry Cannabis Sifting –

Dry cannabis sifting removes trichomes from either a milled material or smaller unused material. Instead of the traditional methods of hand sifting the cannabis, utilizing fine mesh equipment, such as our HKC17 or HKC24, and vibration can speed up this process and give you a better quality sift. In short, the vibration of the screen separates the trichome head from the stalk. This process allows the head to sift through the openings of the fine mesh screen. The result is an easily collectible, higher potency end-product.

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Sizing –

Sizing encompasses everything from removing stems and unwanted plant material from a milled product to a bulk system that separates large and small flowers for different uses. Depending on the specific application, we often recommend our HKC, Gyra Sifter, or another single- or double-deck unit to separate the material properly.

Sizing the material ensures any unwanted material is thoroughly sifted. As a result, you get a higher-quality product and a more efficient process.

Wet Sifting –

Traditional wet sifting can be tricky.

First, the process includes pouring a lot of water into fine mesh bags holding cannabis. Then, the bags of wet cannabis are held, drained, and scooped out to be dried. This process requires extensive time and physical labor. The goal is to suspend the cannabis trichomes in water within a cold environment and then separate the trichomes from the water.

Utilizing our fine mesh equipment allows you to drastically reduce labor time by automating this process. With our system, you can pour the water directly into the equipment. The water separates the trichomes and filters through the fine mesh screen, leaving the remaining trichomes on the top frame. From here, the trichomes can be collected. If the unit has a side discharge, you can use a hose to collect material from the side.

We have multiple pieces of fine mesh equipment that filter the trichomes into one large batch. We can also provide a multideck unit to “catch” the different sizes, sorting and collecting a range of trichome sizes.

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Commonly used equipment for cannabis processing

Primarily, in the cannabis industry, we recommend our HKC 17 Single DriveHKC 24 Dual Drive, or Gyra Sifter for most applications. However, we offer a large selection of customizable options to tailor the equipment to your application.

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Reach out to our #PowderSiftPros, and we can provide the best fit and optimal performance for your cannabis process.

Adding our Ultrasonic Sieve Conversion System to your cannabis sifting equipment

We also provide the option of customizing your fine mesh equipment with our Ultrasonic Sieve Conversion System. These systems are much more efficient than traditional wet sifting methods, potentially increasing your sieving rates 3x to 10x! By eliminating screen blinding and clogging, ultrasonics will increase water flow through our stainless-steel mesh compared to nylon sieve bags, which are currently the industry standard.

On the dry side of cannabis sifting, we can extract the trichomes very quickly with very little blinding of our fine mesh sieves by utilizing ultrasonics. We can collect unsheared trichome heads that can be reintroduced into numerous forms of cannabis products. This ensures you’re not accumulating any unnecessary product waste during the production process.

We make sifting operations better

To sum up, automating your cannabis production process will ensure you’re achieving the best results with minimal labor.

Reduced labor = More Valuable Time and Money

If you have any questions about fine mesh equipment in the cannabis industry or how our equipment can benefit your operation – reach out to us! Our team of experts is here to help you improve your operation and answer your questions.

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